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Petitions can be submitted to the Registrar in regards to both student academics and student financial status.

Academic Petitions

Deviations from academic requirements and regulations for both undergraduate and graduate students can be approved by academic petition. Changes in course level, grading or number of credits awarded are not petitionable.

  • Advisor or instructor signature is required on all petitions
  • The Petition Committee reserves the right to request additional documentation and signatures prior to making a final decision regarding the petition request
  • For more information on Academic Appeals, see the Student Dispute Resolution page in the UAS Catalog for procedures
  • Petitions will not be considered beyond one year

Refund Petitions

The UAS Petition Committee may grant exceptions to student financial obligations. The Petition Committee considers petitions only when a student has been medically disabled, has experienced a death in the family, or has a change in employment hours or location beyond the student's control.

  • Written documentation of these conditions is required
  • Petitions are not reviewed unless documentation of circumstances is provided
  • Petitions are not reviewed unless the student has officially dropped or withdrawn from course(s)
  • Exceptions are not considered for a student's failure to comply with published deadlines, or changes in employment under the student's control
  • Petitions will not be considered beyond one year

Refund processing for approved petitions begins after the first day of class and take approximately ten working days. Student who paid by credit card will have their card credited. If the student paid by cash or check, a refund check will be mailed to the address on record at UAS. Refunds will not be issued for amounts less than $1.