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Cup Library

Cup Library

Project Details

Funding Sources

  • URECA: $2,245


The objective of this project is to bring an interactive learning experience to art students on our campus. My project will be to compile a cup library that will be a permanent collection for the UAS Art Department. I have found that, as a ceramic artist, the best learning tool is getting the chance to handle ceramic art pieces. It allows me to understand the balance, texture, and presence of the piece. I would like to use this research grant to give back to the university that has provided so much for my education. This “library” will consist of fifty different cups made by contemporary ceramic artists that have influenced me during my undergraduate career. I will invite fifty ceramic artists that represent a wide variety of aesthetics and techniques to contribute one of their cups to this library. I will then design and build a high quality, locking display cabinet that will house the fifty art pieces. By utilizing this cup library, students will be exposed to the diversity of contemporary ceramic art.