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Muddy Hands, Happy Heart

Muddy Hands, Happy Heart

Project Details

  • Keywords: art instruction, ceramics, therapy,
  • Student Investigator: 

    Izabella Thorne

  • Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Zacher, M.F.A.
  • Project Period: January 2012–July 2012

Funding Sources

  • URECA: $1,802


What I propose is a community outreach project with the aim to provide one-on-one ceramics instruction and materials to individuals who are in need and could benefit the most from bringing art-making into their lives. The goal of the project is to provide these individuals with a life tool that they can use to find their answers and bring them joy so they can be fully engaged and contributing members of their families and communities. I call the project “Muddy Hands, Happy Heart.” My goal would be to recruit a group of three to five people of varying ages and challenges that I can meet with weekly over a two-month period to teach basic hand-building ceramic techniques (i.e., pinch pots, slab and coil building) that can be made without the need of a wheel. They would be provided with all materials and tools and lessons could be conducted in their homes (especially for the elderly) or potentially at the UAS ceramic studio.