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The Science of Auke Bay in Clay

The Science of Auke Bay in Clay

Project Details

  • Keywords: Auke Bay, ecosystem, ceramic tile
  • Student Investigator: 

    Meghan Garrison

  • Faculty Mentor: /dir/inactive/mkcoxAcademic DeptNosite://UAS/dir/inactive/mkcoxUASmkcoxMarlin CoxMarlin CoxUAS, housing, Community Advisors, CAJul 15, 2009 12:00 PM
  • Project Period: January 2014–July 2014

Funding Sources

  • URECA: $


This project integrates the fields of science and art by translating the research of the University of Alaska Southeast Juneau’s natural sciences department into a tiled ceramic art piece, to be displayed in the Anderson building. Faculty will be interviewed and asked to describe what interesting aspect of their research is connected to the Auke Bay ecosystem, and each interview will be symbolized in a stylized ceramic tile. A line drawing of Auke Lake, Auke Creek, and Auke Bay will be incorporated throughout multiple tiles, therefore allowing the viewer to note the entire Auke Bay ecosystem if observing the whole piece. Short descriptions of each faculty member’s research will be displayed next to the tiles, with a key denoting which tile matches which research theme.