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Ethnomusicology of Appalachia

Ethnomusicology of Appalachia

Project Details

  • Keywords: Appalachia, music, ethnography, catalog
  • Student Investigator: 

    Irene Muller

  • Faculty Mentor: /dir/dbmonteithInclude in NavigationYesUserAllTransparentNoShelfLife24Thumbnailsite://UAS/dir/dbmonteithUASdbmonteithDaniel MonteithDaniel Monteith


My current research is centered on a collection of reel-to-reel recordings made in Virginia between 1962 and 1965. I'm requesting University support to travel to North Carolina and Virginia, where the tapes were made and many of their makers and participants still reside, to do in situ research and conduct ethnographic interviews.  At the end of my research, I will have produced a collection of digital recordings, a collection of re-conditioned reel-to-reel tapes containing the original audio, a published paper and a catalog of contextual information for the performances and musicians on each recording.  The information and anecdotes to be published in the catalog and research paper are what I hope to obtain by conducting interviews and research in Appalachia, where the tapes originated and the musical legacy of the people involved in their making continues today.