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My Tribe from North Dakota: Stories of Chippewa

My Tribe from North Dakota: Stories of Chippewa

Project Details

Funding Sources

  • URECA: $2,285


My name is Adam Wood. I am a full time student at University of Alaska Southeast Juneau campus. I am in the BLA degree program studying communication, journalism and art. My proposed project will be researched through academic on campus research as well as in the field research and time spent with my subjects, highlighting studies of communication, and photojournalism. I will be traveling to North Dakota to explore the culture of my ancestors, the Turtle Mountain Chippewa tribe. This study will explore my curiosity toward the identity of the American Indian through photojournalism. I will provide a photography documentary and an essay on my finding. My findings will be presented at the University of Alaska Southeast Sound and Motion lecture series. Photography instructor, Ben Huff will be participating in this project and final presentation as my mentor