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Framing and Mounting an Art Exhibition

Framing and Mounting an Art Exhibition (Attention to Detail)

Project Details


In the Fall semester of 2015 Alexandra Bookless was awarded a solo art exhibition at the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council (JAHC). Associate Professor of Art Jeremy Kane provided the following narrative of about Alex's work and the show:

This was an honor as her Professor to see her compete in the jurying process with professional, local artists and to be awarded a solo show during her last year of study at UAS.

Her artwork was representational of her experiences while living in the Yukon and Alaska and she really captured the feeling of the north. Her goal was not only to educate and present her artwork, but to educate, inspire, and reflect positively to her peers in the arts community, the University community, as well as the general community of Southeast Alaska. The URECA grant helped make this possible and allowed her to invest in the proper materials to exhibit her art in the best possible way. Alex’s show was a great success and was considered by myself and the director of the JAHC to be an incredibly well put together display of paintings, drawings and ceramics. Congratulations to Alex!

Here are a few of Alex's words describing her experience and motivation to apply and obtain the URECA grant: “With this project, I had the unique opportunity of delving deeply into a learning and teaching activity. I was able to create an outstanding exhibition in which the artwork was well framed and finished with admirable craftsmanship and which represented and supported the businesses, operations, and facilities of our local community. I hope that I was able educate and motivate my peers in the arts to push their ideas and visions to a point where they can reach extraordinary achievement. Furthermore, I wanted to represent my peers and the University in a way which reflects the value and significance of what is and can be done within Southeast Alaska. I wanted to make it clear that the work which I’ve benefited from and put in at the University has borne fruit; I want people to be made aware of the legitimate and great education and standard which the University’s art program, environment, and instructors have instilled.”