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Metabolic Rates of Starry Flounder

Metabolic Rates of Starry Flounder

Project Details

Funding Sources

  • URECA: $1,400


I would like to conduct a study on the metabolic rates of the two different morphotypes of Platichthys stellatus, more commonly known as the starry flounder. Polymorphism, or the presence of more than one morphotype, is rarely seen in flatfishes. Typically, species of this order exhibit only a single phenotype, being either the dextral (‘right-sided’) type or the sinistral (‘left-sided’) type. The objective of my study is to quantify the metabolic rates of both morphotypes of P. stellatus before and after exercise to determine if there is a difference in swimming effort and hydrodynamic efficiency. Evidence of this would provide a very rare example of significant physiological consequences to the expression of a marine polymorphism. The University of Alaska Southeast campus lacks some of the equipment necessary, such as the respirometry chamber for juvenile flatfish. Any awarded sum would be applied towards purchase of necessary equipment, lab gear, equipment maintenance, and field collection expenses.