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Procurement technicians provide staff, faculty and students with all aspects of purchasing support for University business-related activities. This includes but is not limited to: equipment and supply purchases, reimbursements, contracting, honorariums and ProCard purchasing. | 907-747-7738 | Room 201C

All purchases, with NO exceptions, must be approved in advance. Purchases made prior to receiving approval are unauthorized and may become the financial responsibility of the individual who made the purchase.

  1. When purchasing need arises, Requestor seeks informal approval from Supervisor (does not need to be in writing)
  2. Requestor fills out a Purchase Request form and includes a quote. If grant funded, PI needs to approve in writing prior to submitting PR
  3. Requestor emails PR, quote and any other backup to
  4. Procurement reviews submission (will contact Requestor if additional info is needed), then submits to Admin's folder for approval
  5. Once PR is approved, Admin moves PR to Procurement's folder for processing
  6. Procurement places order either via Procard or a Purchase Order sent directly to vendor
  7. Order confirmation is emailed to Requestor from Procurement confirming the PR has been processed

Unauthorized Purchases

Software Purchases


Lucienne Shoemaker

Lucienne Shoemaker

Procurement and Property Coordinator

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