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Drop for Non-Payment

If you don't pay your tuition and fees in full or make other payment arrangements by the final fee payment deadline, it could result in cancellation of your class schedule. UAS may withhold transcripts, grades and other services, and cancel meal plans and housing if you do not pay your financial obligations. If the university takes such action, you may still be responsible for all or a portion of your balance. Registration may be withheld from any student who is delinquent in paying any amount due to the university. The registration process is not complete until you have paid all fees and charges. The university may* drop you from your courses after the fee payment deadline if you owe a balance to the university. A $100 reinstatement fee will be charged to re-enroll in any dropped courses.

All tuition and fees are due by the fee payment deadline published in the current semester class schedule. This includes tuition, student fees, room rent, meal plan costs, and deposits. Any charges unpaid at the end of the previous semester are also due and must be paid before you can re-enroll. If you owe money to the university and submit an enrollment form and payment for the current semester, you will not be enrolled into your classes; the payment will be applied toward your balance. If the current semester payment is by check from a source other than the student, the payment will be returned to the source.

* This is not a guarantee of being dropped; you must officially drop a course within the drop period to cancel financial responsibility for selected courses.

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for semester deadlines.

At times students sign up for classes they are able to or don't intend to take. They may be checking to see how much a course will cost or planning to take courses but later change their minds. Once students add a class on UAOnline, charges are placed onto the students' account, which they remain financially responsible for, even if they never show up for the class. The Office of the Bursar is then required to collect on these past due accounts. This policy drops students who inadvertently sign up for courses they did not intend to take.

The policy also helps with accurate class counts and helps make space for other students.

The change should not have adverse effects on students who either pay by the term fee payment deadline or who enroll in one of the University of Alaska payment plans by the fee deadline date.

If you sign up for a late-start course before the fee payment deadline, you will be responsible for tuition and fees by the term fee payment deadline. Payment for late-start classes added after the fee payment deadline are due at the time of registration. If you are enrolled in multiple late-start classes added after the fee payment deadline, then the tuition and fees for all classes are due at the time of registration. You can wait to register for late-start courses, but there is a chance there may not be space available.

Waitlisted classes will appear on your schedule, but are not included in the total number of credits enrolled for the semester for the purposes of tuition, fees, or financial aid requirements. Tuition and fees are calculated only for the credits you are officially enrolled in and do not include waitlisted classes, therefore no payment is due for any waitlisted course until a student is admitted into a course. Students are not dropped for non-payment from courses they are waitlisted for, as long as they are not dropped for non-payment from other UAS term courses. Students notified by the Registrar's Office of waitlisted course availability must actively register into the course(s) via UAOnline or paper form. As with any course registration, it is the student’s responsibility review their account on UAOnline to verify course registration, tuition and fees. Students registered into a class after the published payment deadline are required to pay all course fees by the first date of course instruction. Refer to the Registrar's Office Registration Information page for additional wait list course information.

You may not be dropped from your courses at another campus, but your course schedule may be cancelled at UAS if you fail to pay by the UAS fee payment deadline. Remember to check with the other UA campus to determine their deadline dates.

Students may pay the balance in full, have been disbursed financial aid, or enroll in a UA payment plan by the fee payment deadline in order to guarantee to not be dropped for non-payment. Students with verified and documented funding provided to UAS can request acknowledgement/review of unapplied funding to be exempted from the Drop for Non-Payment process.

All UA students can see UA payment plans available to them by signing into UAOnline. UAS payment plans are semester based and students will need enroll into a payment plan each semester. For additional information about UAS payment plans, payment methods, or due dates contact us at 907-796-6267.

Yes. Students may re-enroll in their classes if there is still space available. Payment of a $100 reinstatement fee in addition to payment or approved payment arrangements for any reinstated courses. Students will need to sign and submit a Request for Reinstatement and UAS Add/Drop Forms to the UAS Office of the Bursar and Student Accounts, available under the Forms tab. Students should contact the UAS Office of the Bursar and Student Accounts with any questions.