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Register for UAS Short Courses this Fall

Many of the courses in career and technical education offer a 25% reduction in tuition.

Juneau, Alaska

Date of Press Release: September 4, 2019

It’s not too late to enroll in a number of short courses in high-interest topic areas starting soon at UAS campuses. Some begin as soon as September 10, while others do not start until November. Some are weekend classes and others span several weeks. Many of the courses in career and technical education offer a 25% reduction in tuition.

In Juneau, short courses are available in a number of career and technical education areas, including Construction Technology, Diesel Technology, Welding, and Health Sciences. Also available from the Juneau campus are courses in Outdoor Studies, Library Science, and Teacher Education.

The UAS Ketchikan Campus is offering a wide variety of short courses in Marine Transportation, including many associated with USCG certification. Also available from Ketchikan are short courses in Anthropology, Art, Biology, and Health Sciences. Similarly, the UAS Sitka Campus has short courses in Biology, Fisheries Technology, Marine Transportation, and Welding.

These UAS courses are available both to students already enrolled in degree programs but also to community members who simply want to expand their knowledge and skills in high-interest areas. Read more about all short courses available by visiting the Short Course Information page. To read about which career and technical education courses are included in the 25% tuition reduction program, visit the Career Education website or speak to an advisor at (907) 796-6100.

Full listing of short courses by campus and topic below. Classes with an asterisk (*) are starting earliest — the week of September 9.


Construction Technology

  • Light Wood Frame Construction
  • Interior Finish Carpentry

Diesel Technology

  • Industrial Rigging
  • Electrical II
  • Advanced Diesel Systems
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Health Sciences

  • Medical Terminology *
  • Fundamentals of CPR and First Aid

Library Science

  • Library Research and Information Literacy *
  • Google vs. Humanity *

Outdoor Studies

  • Remote Water Worker Safety *
  • Backpacking in Southeast Alaska
  • Backcountry Navigation and Travel


  • Basic Welding
  • Intermediate Welding


  • Library Information and E-Learners *
  • Curriculum Development
  • Physical Education in K-8 Curriculum
  • Music in K-8 Curriculum



  • Harvesting Along the Coast *


  • Metal Art


  • Changing Ecosystems of Alaska *
  • Current Topics in Marine Research

Health Sciences

  • Certified Nurse Aide Training

Marine Transportation

  • Celestial Navigation *
  • Basic Training
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft
  • Able Seaman
  • Ratings Forming Part of a Navigation Watch
  • Fast Boat Rescue
  • Master 100 Ton and Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel
  • Master 200 Ton Upgrade
  • Advanced Fire Fighting
  • Crisis Management and Human Behavior
  • Radar Observer
  • Automatic Radar Plotting Aids



  • Current Topics in Marine Research
  • Current Topics in Biology

Fisheries Technology

  • Cold Water Survival *
  • Fish Pathology
  • Alaska Salmon Culture

Marine Transportation

  • Small Vessel Operator
  • Outboard Motor Maintenance


  • Basic Welding
  • Intermediate Welding
  • Selected Topics in Advanced Welding

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