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Family Orientation

Family Orientation

Family Orientation Schedule:

Family Orientation is offered during our Fall semester. This is a time for you to make connections with administrators and fellow parents & families while learning more about the University of Alaska Southeast community. 

Recommended Texts

We highly recommend the text Your Freshman Is Off To College by Laurie L. Hazard, ED.D. and Stephanie K. Carter, M.A. This text breaks down the first college year by month, provides insight into the inner workings of a typical students' mind, and helps you proactively prepare for the calls, texts, and moods of your student throughout the year.

Discovering the UAS Campus

UAS maintains a landing page for Parents and Counselors. We encourage you to bookmark this page for future reference.

Note: We highly encourage you to expect your student to reach out to resources, staff, and faculty on their own. Our staff and faculty are friendly, approachable, and trying to teach your student about self-advocacy and resource seeking.