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Introduction to Mining Occupations and Operations (IMOO)

Are you in high school and interested in a career in mining?

IMOO Class of 2020

The first step toward a potential career in mining. The Introduction to Mining Occupations and Operations (or IMOO) course is built especially for High school students, who earn 3 UAS college credits upon completion. Start your college experience early by enrolling in this course with scholarship support held each Spring. With support and thanks to Hecla Greens Creek and Coeur Alaska Kensington, many students receive scholarship support each year, ensuring no cost for the interested student.

You will learn from those directly linked to the mining industry by working in it every day. Did you know there are at least 200 different jobs to be accomplished on mine sites in Alaska? Learn about the job you want! Interested in the political side of mining? Hear from state and federal regulators and maybe even a legislator or two about the public processes that are involved in the industry. How about science and environmental regulation? We will have guest presenters on each of these topics. Instruction involves guest presenters who speak of their careers in the mining industry, their experience in mining operations, and how to safely and effectively operate a mine. The IMOO course also includes a field trip to an operating mine where students will see firsthand how minerals are industrially extracted from the ground, processed for use, and how mines reclaim the environment to make sure the waste left behind is fully and responsibly accounted for.

This class is offered in the late afternoons each spring semester at the UAS Center for Mine Training located within the UAS School of Career Education in Juneau, across Egan Highway from JDHS at 1415 Harbor Way, Juneau. The class is the entry point for students looking to set out upon the Hecla Greens Creek Pathway to Mining, which is an industry-led effort to train more Southeast Alaskans for the high-paying jobs available to them as Mine Mechanics. This is a great class for anyone interested in learning more about mining.

If you are still in high school, apply for the Hecla IMOO scholarship before it's too late.  Scholarships are limited. Scholarship applications will be evaluated based on completeness and thoughtfulness.

There are two options to complete the application:

Students may also complete a registration form and Secondary Student agreement form in advance:

Please return all completed forms to the UAS Center for Mine Training in the care of Casey Bain, coordinator.

Mail or Drop Off:
UAS Technical Education Center - Center for Mine Training
ATTN: Casey Bain
1415 Harbor Way
Juneau, AK 99801