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Create and Grade Assignments

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Last modified: December 6, 2023

Use the assignment feature when you expect students to turn in a file or document for a graded assignment. A column is automatically created in the Grade Center for any assignment created in Blackboard.

You are viewing instructions for Original view in Blackboard (the current UAS default).

If you have elected to use Ultra, go to Ultra course view on assignments instead.

Create an Assignment

 If you are posting resources or reading material, use an "item" instead of an assignment.

To create an assignment, go to the content area or folder where you would like the assignment to be located for students. Click on "Assessments" and choose "Assignment".

the assessment drop-down menu

This will take you to a screen with a number of important options.

  1. Name the assignment (required)
  2. Give instructions. You can also add media or files as resources.
  3. Due Dates - This is optional but recommended.
  4. Points Possible (required) - A Grade Center column will be created with this number of points possible. 
  5. Add rubric - You can add a previously created rubric or create on specifically for this assignment.
  6. Submission Details - Here you can adjust the number of attempts, select SafeAssign, or change the assignment to a group assignment if you've already created groups.
  7. Grading Options - You can select "Enable Anonymous Grading" to hide student names during grading.
  8. Display of Grades - Choose whether the grade for this assignment displays in points (score) or percentage. 
  9. Availability - This section allows you to control when this assignment is available to students and for how long.

For a detailed walkthrough, see our video tutorial on Adding Assignments (6:25).

Grading Assignments in Blackboard

To find assignments that have been completed, go to Grade Center in the Course Management list and click on it to locate "Needs Grading".

the needs grading link on the navigation pane

Here you'll find all of the work that is waiting for grading. Click on the attempt you want to grade. This will open the inline grader where you can annotate, leave feedback, and use any attached rubrics to calculate the grade. Any grade you save in this screen is automatically transferred to the grade center.

See our video on grading in Blackboard (9:10) for a demonstration of grading features.