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Edit, Move, or Delete Content

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Last modified: August 12, 2022

You can edit, delete and move most types of Blackboard content by using the drop-down menu you'll find next to the Name of that component. This includes moving or copying whole folders.

Edit, Move, or Delete Content in a Blackboard Course

The drop-down menu (accessed by clicking on the downward arrow next to most components) allows these options:

  1. Edit (Change Name, Description, Options, Attached files, etc.)
  2. Copy - if allowed, make a copy in another location - you will be given a chance to browse through the course Content Areas and Folders
  3. Move - if allowed, move to a new location - you will be given a chance to browse through the course Content Areas and Folders
  4. Delete - delete this component

the menu that offers the options for edit, move, or delete

Exception: You cannot move or copy anything that is linked to the Gradebook.  In Blackboard Tests and Assignments (an assessment tool that allows students to submit documents) are automatically linked to the Gradebook.  The same can be true of assessments and interactive tools such as discussion boards, blogs and wikis. 

If you attempt to move or copy a folder that contains components linked to the gradebook) then you will be warned.

To move a component linked to the gradebook you will need to delete it and re-deploy it in the new location.  An alternative is to make a "Course Link" - this lets you put a link in any Content Area or Folder that can re-direct students to any other component in the course.  Use with caution and consistency since it can make navigation confusing for students. For example, clearly label it as "A shortcut to the Chapter 5 Quiz" so that students know it is not a new quiz.

When you Copy or Move...

You will be given a chance to Browse (1) your course and choose any Content Area or Folder (2) into which you want to move your item.

move item window