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Prepare a Syllabus

  • Course Design

Last modified: December 20, 2023

Every course must have a syllabus. Here you will find resources to help you craft a syllabus that will support your course objectives.

Syllabus Template and Resources

To help you create your syllabus, we've built a syllabus template. This template is created with accessibility in mind and contains content suggestions that will help your students understand expectations and be successful in your course. To use, download the template and follow the instructions to enter your course information. All statements in the "Notices" section are mandatory syllabus inclusions. These statements are up-to-date with the latest guidance from the applicable offices as of September 2023.

  • Accessible Syllabus Template (includes the Faculty Handbook requirements & recommendations, and other suggested statement language, including wording for generative AI/Large Language Model use)

Note: If you are looking for help on uploading your syllabus to Blackboard, check here

Liquid Syllabi

A liquid syllabus is a an engaging multi-media syllabus instead of a traditional document. This type of syllabus has recently gained popularity, especially amongst online instructors. If you have an interest in creating a liquid syllabus, below is a helpful resource to walk you through using Google sites. Contact CELT for more help or to be connected with other UAS instructors using this method.

Open-Source course in creating a liquid syllabus - this course also contains many examples in the "Share with your peers!" module.

We recommend that you link to your liquid syllabus your accessible syllabus (you can use our template above!) Then upload the syllabus in PDF format to Blackboard.

We do have the capability to add a link to a syllabus within UAS Blackboard course, but your liquid syllabus site will not automatically load on the Blackboard page reader, thus it won't be as user-friendly for students as a PDF upload.