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Teaching Resources

CELT has put together this resource page to store ready-made student resources, pedagogical aids, and important links to support your instruction.

Syllabus Resources

Get students started off on the right foot with a syllabus that provides all of the information necessary to be successful. These resources can help:

Student Tutorials

CELT has some videos that might be helpful for you to share with students:

  • Navigating Blackboard - student tutorials - These tutorials show various tasks in Blackboard from the student perspective. If you have students who are new to Blackboard, these could be helpful. These are for the Original Blackboard interface, which is the default interface for Academic Year 2023-2024. 
  • Navigating Blackboard Ultra - UAS student tutorial. A brief tour of the optional new Blackboard interface with some changed menus and options. This video is customized for UAS with a sample course from the student perspective. For a playlist of general Ultra instructions from Blackboard, visit their student tutorial playlist.  
  • Formatting Guide for Students - These tutorials cover basic Microsoft Word formatting techniques used in formal writing. It does not discuss specific style guides (APA, Chicago, MLA), but mechanics that can be applied to any. We also have a printable formatting guide (PDF).

At a Glance Guides