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Teaching Resources

This resource page houses materials for semester-prep, ready-made student resources, and quick-start guides for frequently asked questions.

Syllabus Resources

Get students started off on the right foot with a syllabus that provides all of the information necessary to be successful. See CELT's syllabus page

Welcoming students to your course

A "welcome" announcement in your course shell can help foster a sense of community and establish a positive learning environment from the start. Here are some elements to consider: 

  • Introduce yourself. You are a vital part of your course! Students will participate more actively in courses where instructors are humanized. 

  • Summarize your course. It can be helpful to personalize your course description beyond what is listed in the course catalog.

  • Provide information on required or recommended textbooks/course materials. This allows students to purchase items early.

  • Show one or more examples of assignments. Describe how the sample assignments connect to the course goals, to students’ lives or future goals, and why you include them in your course.

  • Give directions on how to access the course materials and on where the class will meet. You are not required to use Blackboard other than posting your syllabus, but it is helpful to post (in Blackboard) links to any other websites you use and/or room numbers so there is a consistent place for all UAS students to find directions to where they need to go.

  • Record an introductory video. Letting students see and hear you before the first day of class is another way to  humanize your course.   Here is a guide to creating a short bumper video. 

Student Tutorials

CELT has some videos that might be helpful for you to share with students:

At a Glance Guides