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Training for Students and Employees

The online on-demand training is available through Blackboard for students and employees. All UAS students and employees are required to complete UA Title IX training every academic year. If you have completed in-person training, then you have satisfied this requirement.

Degree-seeking, living in campus housing, middle college (dual-enrollment) students enrolled at the university, or on national/international exchange must complete the UA Safe training. For details contact the UAS Title IX Office.

Sensitive Content Warning

The Title IX training course will cover sensitive issues. If you have experienced trauma in the past related to sex- or gender-based discrimination, and you feel that impacts your ability to take the Title IX training, or if you are uncomfortable at any point during the training and would like to speak with someone about it, you can contact the Office of Equity and Compliance at or submit the UAS Opt-Out Form.

Specialized Training

The UAS OEC may offer specific training for events, orientation, public awareness, etc. This training can be tailored to meet the needs of the requesting party. Please consult with the Office of Equity and Complianace one month in advance.

Table top exercises may be offered by department, office, or student group. Please contact the Title IX office for further details.