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National Student Exchange

Ocean, glaciers, forests: Experience the wild side of education in Alaska.


Course Selection

The course schedule is available online in early April for fall semester and mid-October for spring semester. Be sure to utilize the course schedule and not the academic course catalog to plan your class load. Many of our courses are only available during the spring or fall, which is not reflected in the catalog.

When creating your course schedule, it is important to select the sections that begin with "J" as this refers to Juneau courses. Sections beginning with a "S" or a "K" refer to southeast campuses in Sitka and Ketchikan which are not accessible. Also, a Juneau course with a JD section refers to a distance or e-Learning course which is not recommended for exchange students. A minimum course load is 12 credits for full-time stataus.

Because you are here to experience Alaska and UAS, it is highly recommended that you consider an outdoor course. There are many to choose from including sea kayaking, backpacking, ice climbing and avalanche travel. These classes tend to be highlights of the exchange experience and add depth to your personal experience.

Note: For those who are interested in the Outdoor Leadership and Studies (ODS) certificate program, please note that you must be accepted to the UAS ODS program (applications due by July) and go through the UAS admission process.


Please be very careful to check time and day conflicts, and review course descriptions and prerequisites. Once you have selected your course load for the semester and double checked for day and time conflicts, scan your course registration form and email your requests to An official transcript will be requested to complete the registration process. Note: It is up to you to have your courses approved by your home campus to ensure how they will transfer back to your home institution.

Academic Tips from former exchange students

  • Take courses unique to the area
  • The Outdoor/Physical Education courses are more than worth the time and money
  • Biology students: Sign up for Biology courses right away, they fill quickly.
  • The Environmental Science courses that take place on the Mendenhall Glacier are excellent!
  • Humanities course (Fall Semester) went to the Haines Eagle Festival. Awesome!


The housing application is available online. Please be sure complete and sign all forms and include immunization requirements and deposit. Single housing apartments can only be guaranteed to NSE students if documentation and deposit are submitted by August 1 for fall semester and full year exchanges, and December 1 for spring semester exchanges.