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Faculty Excellence Awards

Information and the ON-LINE nomination form for the Annual Faculty Senate Sponsored Excellence Awards in Teaching, Research, Service, Open Education Practices, Adjunct Instruction and Faculty Advising can be found on the provost's website.

2022 – 2023 Award Recipients:

  • Faculty Advising Award: Associate Professor William Urquhart
  • Open Educational Practice Award: Associate Professor Ali Ziegler
  • Service Award: Associate Professor Susie Feero
  • Teaching Award: Assistant Professor Angela Bowers

2021 – 2022 Award Recipients:

  • Advising Award:  Dr. Carolyn Bergstrom, Associate Professor of Marine Biology
  • Open Educational Practices Award:  Dr. Heather Batchelder, Associate Professor of Education
  • Service Award:  Elizabeth Zacher, Term Assistant Professor of Art
  • Teaching Award:  Dr. Andrzej Piotrowski, Professor of Mathematics

2020 – 2021 Award Recipients:

  • Advising Award:  Dr. Kevin Maier Associate Professor of English
  • Open Educational Practices Award:  Dr. Lance Twitchell, Associate Professor of Alaska Native Languages
  • Teaching Award:  Dr. Daniel Monteith, Associate Professor of Anthropology
  • Teaching Award:  Dr. Sonia Nagorski, Assistant Professor of Geology
  • Adjunct Instruction: Heather Burge, Adjunct Professor of Alaska Native Languages

2019 – 2020 Award Recipients:

  • Teaching Award:  Dr. Matthew Pawlus Assistant Professor of Science
  • Service Award:  Colleen McKenna, Professor of Information Systems
  • Service Award:  Kaia Hendrickson, Assistant Professor of Library and Information Science
  • Faculty Advising:  Dr. Brian Blitz,  Professor of Mathematics
  • Adjunct Instruction: Melody Douglas, AK College of Education

2018 – 2019 Award Recipients:

  • Teaching Award:  Julie Hamilton, C.P.A., M.B.A., C.G.M.A., Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Research & Creative Activity Award:  Ernestine Hayes, M.F.A., Professor of English
  • Service Award:  Alberta Jones, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education
  • Faculty Advising:  Eran Hood, Ph.D., Professor of Hydrology

2017 – 2018 Award Recipients:

  • Teaching Award:  Charla Brown, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Human Resources Mgmt.
  • Research Award:  Janice Straley, M.S., Professor of Marine Biology
  • Service Award:  Susan Kendig, M.S., Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Adjunct Instruction:  Christofer Taylor, M.F.A., Adjunct Instructor of Art
  • Faculty Advising:  Jill A. Dumesnil, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics

2016 – 2017 Award Recipients:

  • Teaching Award:  Reid Brewer, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Fisheries Technology
  • Research Award:  Brian Buma, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Forest Ecosystem Ecology
  • Service Award:  Math Trafton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English
  • Adjunct Instruction:  Roberta (Roby) Littlefield, Adjunct Instructor of Alaskan Language
  • Faculty Advising:  Leslie Gordon, M.S., Associate Professor of Health Information Management

2015 – 2016 Award Recipients:

  • Teaching Award:  Johanna Fagen, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Research Award:  Jason Amundson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geophysics
  • Service Award:  William Urquhart, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Adjunct Instruction:  Karen Mitchell, Adjunct Instructor of English

2014 – 2015 Award Recipients:

  • Teaching Award:  Suzanne Malter, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences
  • Service Award:  Julie Hamilton, Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Research Award:  Heidi Pearson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Marine Biology
  • Adjunct Instruction:  Ben Huff, Adjunct Instructor of Art

2013 – 2014 Award Recipients:

  • Teaching Award:  Kitty LaBounty - Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Research:  Amanda Sesko, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Service Award:  Michael Stekoll, Ph.D. - Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Adjunct Instruction:  Zachary Jones - Adjunct Instructor of History
  • Faculty Advising:  Jeffrey Lofthus, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Education

2012 – 2013 Award Recipients:

  • Teaching Award: Carolyn Bergstrom, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Marine Biology
  • Service Award: Sanjay Pyare, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of GIS and Landscape Ecology
  • Adjunct Instruction:  Patricia Belec - Adjunct Instructor in Physical Education
  • Faculty Advising: Vickie Williams, MBA/CPA - Assistant Professor of Accounting

2011 – 2012 Award Recipients:

  • Teaching Award: Emily Wall - Assistant Professor of English
  • Research Award: David Tallmon - Associate Professor of Biology
  • Service Award: Dan Monteith - Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  • Adjunct Instruction:  Ljubumir Medenica - Adjunct Faculty of Business Administration

2010 – 2011 Award Recipients:

  • Teaching Award:  Marquam George - Associate Professor of Construction Technology
  • Research Award:  Eran Hood - Associate Professor of Environmental Science
  • Service Award:  Kevin Maier - Assistant Professor of English
  • Adjunct Instruction:  Fran Polumsky - Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education

2007 – 2008 Award Recipients:

  • Teaching Award: Pricilla Schulte - Professor of Anthropology and Sociology
  • Research Award: Clive Thomas- Professor of Political Science
  • Service Award: Sherry Tamone - Associate Professor of Biology  

2006 – 2007 Award Recipients:

  • Mary Claire Tarlow - Associate Professor of Education
  • Marsha Gladhart - Assistant Professor of Education
  • Yuliya Ivanova - Assistant Professor of Business