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As a regional university, UAS supports hundreds of computers and peripherals at our Sitka, Ketchikan, and Juneau locations. IT Services endeavors to provide computing technology and other services in ways that are responsive to the needs of our academic community.

General Information

Our regional IT Helpdesk provides technical support for all users and devices engaged in UAS academic pursuits and business operations. In the modern technological landscape, this support commonly includes phones, computers, and tablet devices running the Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. We are happy to help you navigate and troubleshoot these systems for all of your UAS-related needs. Please keep in mind that our hardware support extends only to UAS-owned computers. For physical issues with all other devices, we are happy to diagnose, check warranties, and provide helpful information about contacting the device manufacturer or vendor.

To provide you with the support you need, please select the device type in the following list:

To be eligible for the UAS Employee Build with full technical support, please purchase from the recommendations provided by OIT. A full list of available software on our UAS Employee Build comes with is available on our Managed Software page.