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Institutional Effectiveness

The UAS Institutional Effectiveness (IE) office leads data-informed decision making at all levels of the university, providing objective, accurate, and timely information to guide assessment, accreditation, and strategic planning. The IE Office identifies information needs, advises on data collection and management, leads automated/business intelligence reporting, and conducts data presentations and trainings across the institution.

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Institutional Effectiveness

The IE office focuses on 3 main areas:

  • Assessment & Accreditation: IE supports assessment across academic and non-academic areas, utilizing sophisticated research methodologies to provide data support for institutional planning and decision-making. IE provides guidance to leadership, steering the institution's growth and academic program development.
  • Data Analysis and Retrieval: IE provides leadership on database extraction, data analysis, and data presentation, offering insights to inform strategic planning, performance metrics, and grant support. IE also provides ad hoc data support to all facets of the institution including the Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (EMSA), and Administrative Services.
  • IR Development & Maintenance: IE collaborates with other Institutional Research staff across UA to ensure data integrity and quality data warehousing.  IE provides leadership and support in data cleaning, automated/business intelligence reporting, and institutional data governance.

Through these efforts, IE empowers the UAS community with actionable insights, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in institutional effectiveness.

The IE Scope of Work and Prioritization Plan provides an overview of this function at UAS.

The UAS IE site contains information on the following areas:

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Kristen Handley
Institutional Effectiveness Director
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