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Technology Service Review

Service Review Header

Reviewing software, both locally installed and cloud-based services or integrations, can be incredibly complex to assess institutional risk and interplay with existing services. UA has long published IT Policies and Standards but employees are often unaware of the risks they expose to themselves, students, or the institution. 

In response, the UAS Regional TLTR asked IT Services to provide a review process for employees to help staff overcome challenges with reviewing such diverse terms & variables.

IT Services offers this software review process to highlight any concerns or risks. In some cases, a similar service may already be available to faculty and staff.

The Technology Service Review includes the following areas: 

  • Contractual Review
  • Data Risk and Compliance
  • Functionality, Support, & Management
  • Service Portfolio (how the service fits into existing UA/UAS tools)

The following is an example of a review and feedback we may provide.

Service Review Example - Page 1 Service Review Example - Page 2