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Covid-19 Office Operations

Our offices are available for in-person, phone, or video appointments. Email or call for more information. Additional information is also available on the UA coronavirus information website.

What to Expect

All groups and workshops will be offered by Zoom until more in-person enagement is safe. If you decide to attend a group or a workshop, please be mindful of the location that you Zoom from and choose a quiet, private space.

Groups are an helpful option for connecting with other people who may experience similar feelings, thoughts, or struggles. A group is safe and confidential space to get support and learn ways of coping with stressors, mental health symptoms, or better understand yourself.

Workshops are focused on introducing and practicing techniques and skills to support your wellbeing.

Groups and workshops are free for students attending at least one UAS course and do not count toward the 6 sessions per semester limit for individual counseling.

How to Sign Up

Please read the descriptions below for the groups and workshops offered in the current semester. Additional groups and workshops will be posted throughout the semester. Please check back periodically for new options. If you have questions or need more information, please contact the Student Resource Center at 907-796-6000 or e-mail

For a workshop, sign up through the Zoom link listed in the group description.

For a group, complete a Group Tele-counseling Consent Form and sign up through the Zoom link listed in the group description.

Please note for groups only: Due to tele-health and licensing regulations, the UAS Counseling Office cannot provide counseling services to students residing outside of Alaska. We also ask students eligible to participate in groups to provide the location they are attending from, phone number, an emergency contact, and the number of classes they are currently registered for when signing up. This information will not be shared with anyone and will only be used in emergencies.

Groups and Workshops

Workshop and Group options will be posted at the start of Fall 2021