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Whale Card and UAS ID

The REC Center requires a UAS ID (Whale Card) for its members over 14.

Sample Whale CardUA students receive ID's through the enrollment process. If you're applying for a REC Center UA graduate, Alumni & Friends Association, or added as a family member (over 14) on a student membership, you'll need a UA ID # (steps below) prior to obtaining a Whale Card. Currently Whale Cards are made at the bursar's office in the Novatney Building.

I am new to the University of Alaska

If you know that you've never attended the University of Alaska, create a profile and apply as a non-degree seeking student to get started. This is a free application. This will allow the university to assign you a student ID number, which you can then use to obtain a Whale Card. On the resulting screen you're likely to select "New User" unless you've been in this system before.

  1. Click on Apply as a Non-Degree Seeking Student(above)
  2. Select New User and create an account
  3. Select UAS as your primary campus
  4. Select start my application
  5. Complete your personal profile
  6. Under My Program select:
    • Non-degree as your Student type
    • Non-degree seeking for your Area of Study
    • Juneau Campus for Campus Applying
    • Non-degree for Major
    • Fall, Spring, or Summer Semester
  1. At the end of the application when asked for additional details, please write "Rec Center Membership"

I have/may have been a UA student before

If you can't remember your UA ID#, you may be able to find it with ELMO. This tool can be used if you may already have a UA ID# but are not sure or you have forgotten it. This tool has several options, #3 being the most likely choice, for finding your UA ID# if it exists. You may also call (907) 796-6100 for assistance.