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Adjunct Faculty Resources

Covid-19 Office Operations

Our offices are available for in-person, phone, or video appointments. Email or call for more information. Additional information is also available on the UA coronavirus information website.

Adjunct Faculty Orientation

The Provost's Office coordinates an Adjunct Faculty Orientation before the start of the Fall Semester. 

Fall 2022

  • Agenda with links  (Must be signed in with UA credentials to access the Google Doc with Zoom recording  link)
  • Egan Library and CELT Introduction

Fall 2021

Previous Events

Fall 2020

Spring 2018

Fall 2017 Handouts

Spring 2017

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Spring 2015

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Spring 2014

Fall 2013

Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Adjunct Faculty play a major role in helping UAS achieve its mission. They comprise the majority of instructors at UAS, making possible the wide diversity of subjects and degrees available for learning. As part-time employees, they have different needs and priorities than other faculty. The UAS Adjunct Faculty Handbook reflects this difference. It contains important contact information for questions about instruction, instructional technology, administrative procedures, and more.

The Adjunct Faculty Handbook is updated by the Provost's Office, in collaboration with the Adjunct Faculty Union President. 

UAS Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Useful Links

Adjunct Faculty Evaluation

Adjunct self-assessment is part of UAS' overall effort to provide constructive and timely feedback to adjuncts, focusing on continuous improvement of instruction. It is an important part of improving the quality of UAS' teaching and learning - key to accreditation and student success. While voluntary, adjunct instructors are encouraged to complete an annual adjunct faculty self-assessment form (see link at top of this page) prior to the end of their current teaching year. The submitted self-assessments are subsequently reviewed by the appropriate program coordinator or department chair that then provides a response to the adjunct instructor.