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Dual Enrollment

Earn college credit while still in high school!

Dual Enrollment presents high school students an opportunity to get a jump start on their college career. Students who participate in dual enrollment are more likely to earn a college or university degree and to do so sooner than other students. High school students who complete dual enrollment classes generally take fewer classes in college and may save money on total college costs.

UAS welcomes registration of high school and homeschool students who are prepared for college-level work. Our academic advisors will assist in explaining the required processes and policies and provide the necessary support as you earn college credit credit as a dual enrollment student.

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After high school graduation, dual enrollment students can continue in their field of study at UAS, transfer to another university, or enter the workforce confident in the skills and knowledge they acquired in the program. Dual Enrollment opportunities at UAS can successfully prepare students throughout Southeast Alaska for high quality, high paying careers by ensuring students can access and afford training and coursework to obtain certifications, endorsements, and post-secondary degrees.

Answers to Common Questions

A dual enrollment student is one who is simultaneously enrolled in a high school curriculum and is also taking courses at UAS. This may also include home school students or those who have withdrawn from high school prior to graduation and have not completed a GED.

Yes, students may earn both high school and college credit for the same dual enrollment course. Whether or not a student receives high school credit for a university course is determined by the high school.

Some UAS courses are offered by agreement at a high school as a means of promoting career and technical education and other pathways. Under such an agreement, high school instructors approved by UAS teach college-level classes in local high schools. These dual enrollment students should register for courses at their high schools. For information about what courses are offered in your high school, contact your school district.

The Alaska Advantage program allows high school students from participating school districts to take 100 or 200 level online courses offered by University of Alaska Fairbanks and University of Alaska Southeast. These college courses provide the opportunity for high school students to get a jump start on their college careers and may meet high school requirements at the same time. Students who enroll in the Alaska Advantage Program can earn credits accepted at UAS and UAF, and these credits can also be transferred to other institutions of higher education. The cost is $495 per three-credit course (not including textbooks and other course materials). Before registering for a course through Alaska Advantage, please contact a UAS advisor.

Paying for Dual Enrollment Courses

Dual enrollment courses, like any other college classes, require students to pay tuition. There are a number of tuition assistance programs and scholarships available to offset or cover the cost of tuition. Tuition assistance program and scholarship availability varies by location and participating school district or Homeschool organization.

Registration Procedure for Dual Enrollment Students

  1. Meet with an advisor to discuss the goals, risks, and rewards of enrollment in college courses, identify appropriate courses and explore the extent to which student has an adequate background to meet expectations of college-level study.
  2. Apply through our online application as a non-degree seeking secondary student. You only need to complete this step once.
  3. Go to ELMO to claim your username/ID and set a password. Select Option 3: Search for my account. Please contact the UAS IT Helpdesk (907-796-6400) if you encounter any problems.
  4. If enrolling in a writing or math course, take the Directed Self Placement assessment for initial writing course placement, and take the ALEKS assessment for initial math course placement. Scores from SAT or ACT tests taken within the past year may be substituted for writing placement.
  5. Complete the Secondary Student and Parent/Guardian Agreement form, which requires signatures of the student and parent. You only need to complete this step once.
  6. Register for classes via UAOnline. Students can also register with a paper registration form signed by their advisor along with a signed Secondary Student and Parent/Guardian Agreement form. Important dates and deadlines are available on the Academic Calendar.
  7. Pay all tuition and fees associated with selected course(s) by the payment deadline. Contact the UAS Student Accounts desk with billing questions.
  8. Adhere to UA Board of Regents' Policies (specifically, but not limited to chapter 09.02) as well as Student Rights and Responsibilities and student handbook.

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