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Tlingit Language Apprenticeship

Tlingit Language Apprenticeship

Project Details

Funding Sources

  • URECA: $2,500


My proposed research project is to become a language immersion apprentice. I would assist in the development of a language immersion class to take place in August of 2012, and I would do research before then that would allow me to learn about successful indigenous language revitalization models, and to consider adapting them to the Tlingit community. In the months leading up to the camp, I will research successful models of language revitalization, including language “triage,” or finding out what are the most important steps in preserving indigenous languages while building a community of speakers. The language immersion class will be available to UAS students who are studying the Tlingit language. The direct outcome will be the language immersion camp itself, along with a possible model for language revitalization available to the Tlingit community to use.