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As your travel coordinator, we work with you to ensure proper management of your travel requests, approvals, and expenses through Concur. Please see below for commonly used travel forms and links. | Room 201

  1. Discuss travel with Supervisor before starting travel process
  2. Fill out Pre-Travel Checklist. Attach screen shots with all info and prices for flight, hotel, registration, etc. Submit to for review
  3. Coordinator will confirm receipt as well as review submisson before routing for pre-travel signatures and funding approvals
  4. Based on approved Pre-Travel Checklist, Coordinator adds trip to Concur profile as a Request and submits for final travel approval
  5. Once Concur request is approved, Coordinator contacts you to discuss what needs to be booked with travel card verses Concur
  6. POST TRAVEL:  All receipts need to be submitted within 5 business days to or to Travel Coordinator's physical mailbox
  7. You will receive an email from Coordinator when Expense Report is ready to submit via Concur