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Tidal Echoes Archive Page

Tidal Echoes 2021 Edition

In this unimagined year, the work of the mind and of the hand holds our collective humanity. These selected authors and artists explore the true power of writing, of painting and poetry, for connection and community.

The creation of Tidal Echoes is an amazing experiential learning opportunity for UAS students, from the solicitation of juried entries, through editing and production to a final printed book. Find out more about all our unique and immersive programs on our website.

Friday, April 2, 2021: Join us for the online launch event

Featured Artist

Lily Hope

Lily Hope

Lily is a distinguished artist and community leader born and raised on Lingít Aani; Tlingit, Raven, T’akdeintaan clan. She is a Chilkat weaver in the teaching lineage of Jennie Thlunaut & Clarissa Rizal. Pre-shutdown, Lily taught weaving internationally. She now teaches on Patreon, holding bi-weekly space for weavers across the nation to continue studying Ravenstail and Chilkat techniques.

Her finger-twined adapted formline ceremonial Chilkat dancing blankets take years to complete. They document inheritance, weavings recording history like a book woven in yarn: a lineage of weavers, our current crisis, and political issues. She’s also a paper collage artist, bead-worker, and indigenous fashion designer.

Lily is an advocate for artists and the arts. Her conversations, collaborations and ideas contribute lasting support and a rich artistic community for artists in Alaska and beyond. Photo by @SydneyAkagiPhoto

Featured Writer

Hank Lentfer

Hank Lentfer

Hank Lentfer’s days vary with the seasons. Most spring mornings, he’s up before dawn, parabolic dish in hand, recording birds and other wild voices. By afternoon, he’s in the garden, plucking weeds and planting seeds. Summer months he’s either catching fish, pounding nails or sneaking off to climb a mountain with his daughter. Fall is harvest time. After the spuds and carrots are stashed in the root cellar, Hank’s off to the woods in search of deer. The harder they are to find, the more days he gets to spend looking.

Winter, Hank writes and skis—mornings at his desk, afternoons on the trails. He’s the author of Raven's Witness: The Alaska Life of Richard K Nelson and Faith of Cranes: Finding Hope and Family in Alaska. He co-edited Arctic Refuge: A Circle of Testimony. He’s had essays appear in Orion, Natural History, and Alaska Magazine.

He lives with his wife Anya and daughter Linnea in a cabin by a stream in Gustavus, Alaska surrounded by a community of dear friends and several million acres of wild country.

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