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Procard and Purchasing Forms

ProCard Application Process

ProCards are requested via the UA ProCard Request Form.  An email from will be sent with login and password information to access the training module. Upon successful completion of the training, applicants are provided access to the ProCard application site link in the CONGRATULATIONS slide at the end of the training to apply for the card.  All credit cards are mailed directly to the cardholder department address after completing training.  Note, the training module is maintained by Card Integrity and uses WordPress as the platform.  The applicant may receive confirmation emails from either entity as part of the process.

As part of the process for obtaining your new credit card, you will receive two (2) emails from JP Morgan Chase. These emails provide information on the PaymentNet website, a user id and temporary password so you can log into the system. They are not spam! If you have not received them prior to physically getting your card, check your spam folder, as they may have been diverted.

You must to log into the system to finish your setup to have access to all your card information, declines & authorizations, etc. Contact Procurement at 907-474-7374 if you have any problems logging in or finding your messages.

NOTE: The temporary password is only good for 5 days. Contact 907-474-7374 or JPMorgan (800-316-6056) to have it reset. Once you have set your permanent password it can be reset on-line through the PaymentNet website.

Procard Documentation

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