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Chancellorʼs Advisory Committee on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Cultural Safety


AY23 DEICS Annual Report

Committee Charge

The UAS Chancellorʼs Advisory Committee on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Cultural Safety1 is established by the Chancellor to advance the University's diversity goals and strategies and to champion the diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural safety (DEICS) efforts of the University. These efforts strengthen the professional, intellectual, and cultural experience of all members of the UAS community. Committee members serve as DEICS ambassadors for faculty, staff and students and facilitators of campus diversity-related news. The committee also produces information that is helpful to the University leadership for decision-making and discusses timely topics that support the committee's charge. The committee members meet regularly throughout the year.

1Formerly UAS Equity and Cultural Safety Committee

Five Goals

Goal 1:  Intentionally foster and sustain a welcoming campus environment based on the principles of equity and inclusion to create an environment that is respectful of differences and promotes the safety and security of all people.

Goal 2:  Recruit, employ, and retain a diverse faculty.

Goal 3:  Recruit and retain a diverse workforce and ensure that UAS' staff profile reflects the diversity of Southeast Alaska demographics.

Goal 4:  Prepare UAS students to lead and manage in a diverse and changing society by incorporating diversity and inclusion in significant ways in teaching, learning, and research.

Goal 5:  Build upon existing partnerships and create new partnerships that enhance the University's commitment to diversity.

Committee Membership

 (16 total)

  • Faculty Co-chair appointed by Faculty Senate (1)
  • Staff Co-chair appointed by Staff Council (1)
  • UAS Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management (1)
  • Faculty Senate appointees (4): two from Juneau, one from Sitka, one from Ketchikan
  • Staff Council appointees (3): one each Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka 
  • Student Government appointee (1)
  • UAS Dean of Students (1)
  • UAS Dean of Arts & Sciences (1)
  • UAS Student Affairs (1)
  • UAS Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Alaska Native Education (1)
  • UAS Human Resources Director or designee (ex officio) (1)