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ED S593 Professional Development Course Information

Please see below for instructions and information regarding ED S593 Professional and Continuing Education courses.

Instructions for Students

This information is for students that wish to register for ED S593 Professional Development Education Courses. If you have not taken courses through the University of Alaska (UAA, UAF, or UAS) or have not taken courses within the last 2 years, please apply for admission as a non-degree seeking student (see instructions below).

How To Register for Professional Development/593 Classes Online

  1. Login to UAOnline
  2. Select Student Services and Account Information
  3. Select Registration
  4. Select Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes (Add/Drop available only during the Drop Period)
  5. Select the term
  6. Enter the Course Reference Number (CRN) under the Add Classes Worksheet. If you are registering for multiple classes enter the CRNs in separate boxes.
  7. Select Complete Registration Changes
  8. Read and accept the notice of responsibility to pay the tuition and fees associated with the class(es). A current schedule will appear above the Add Classes Worksheet. Verify that the status says "Registered Web on [Current Date]"
  9. Select Pay Now. Contact the Student Accounts Office for further assistance or questions regarding payment. 

How to Apply as a Non-Degree Seeking Student

If you do not have a University of Alaska ID Number or have not taken a course within the last 2 years, you will have to apply to UAS as a Non-Degree seeking student to reactivate/create your student account. 
For Professional Development/593 classes online registration is the only option. Paper registration forms received by the Registrar's office will not be processed and will be returned to the student.

If you are not already part of a degree program apply as a non-degree seeking student and then register for Professional Development/593 classes through UAOnline.

Students are allowed to drop the class prior to the first meeting. No drop or withdrawal option is available once the class starts.

For more information contact the UAS School of Education by phone at 907-796-6076 or through email ( or contact the Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) by phone at 907-786-1933 or through email (

Instructions for How to Pay Online

Don't wait in line; pay tuition and fees online! The TouchNet system is open 24 hours a day, and you are able to provide permission to others to access and pay your student account online.

Instructions for online fee payment (credit card or personal check)

  1. Go to UAOnline
  2. Select Login to Secured Area and log on using your student ID and PIN Number
  3. Select Student Services and Account Information
  4. Select Student Account
  5. Select Account Detail for Term (Semester) Pay Term Balance
  6. Carefully read the instructions and terms on this page
  7. Select Make a Payment, select term, amount, and payment method*
  8. Print the confirmation page. Review the Account Detail for Term to verify the payment was accepted

*If paying by credit card, choose the type of card; enter the credit card number and the expiration date. NOTE: The address on your credit card bill must match the billing address that you enter on this screen. If paying by check, enter the routing number, account number, name, address and amount. Select Continue. If you agree with the terms, select on: I Agree.

Instructions for ED S593 Instructors

This information is for instructors of ED S593 Continuing Education Courses. Please review and download our ED S593 Instructional Cover Sheet for this and more information on grading and awarding incompletes. 

Grading Instructions for ED S593 Courses: 

  1. Login to UAOnline
  2. Select Faculty Services
  3. Select Enter Grades
  4. Your courses will then be listed at the top. Select a course by clicking anywhere on that course line.
  5. After selecting a course, the class roster will appear below. If you are using a small monitor or a tablet, use the vertical and horizontal scroll bars to view all row and column information.
  6. Click on each student line under Final Grade column to assign grades from a drop-down grade box.
  7. Select Save to save the grades. Grades can also be imported from an Excel spreadsheet using the “Tools” tab, top right. For detailed instructions see the Faculty Grading Instructions

Instructions for How to Create Continuing Education Courses

How to Create an ED S593 Course

Are you an instructor looking to create an ED S593 Continuing Education course with UAS? You've come to the right place! 

All proposed course pedagogy should be geared towards continuing education for Alaska's teachers, and be taught in such a way that helps, assists, enriches, and instructs course curriculum content creation of Alaskan teachers. Please contact Nona Dimond at 907-796-6050 or email with any questions, or for more information. 

The following documentation will be required for all course proposals to be considered (only one type of Course Proposal Packet is required). E-signature is fine for all submissions: 

*Consistent with its accreditation, UAS may grant credit for a university-level course that is co-sponsored by various organizations with which UAS has an ongoing relationship. A “co-sponsored course” is one for which most or all of the costs of instruction are borne by some agency or organization other than the University, and the academic integrity of the course is ensured by the University. Entities interested in proposing a co-sponsored course should use this form as a requirements guide for approval of UAS co-sponsored courses.