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What is LiveText?

LiveText is an assessment system which is used by many institutions. With LiveText, the UAS School of Education is able to effectively measure outcome-based learning goals and provide students with a professional portfolio system.

Why do I need to buy LiveText?

We are required by our accrediting bodies (CAEP) to maintain assessment systems to review the quality of our programs and students’ performance. In order to grant degrees and enroll students, we must maintain accreditation.

The LiveText Student Membership with Field Experience, will allow students to develop multiple, customized professional and personal portfolios containing a variety of file types (audio, video, images, etc.) for students to track the growth and development of specific skill sets. With Field Experience, students can document all service learning, internship, and field experiences outside the classroom.

How much does LiveText cost?

A student subscription to LiveText is $139, which is comparable to the cost of one textbook. Your subscription is valid for seven years from the date of purchase.

How do I purchase LiveText?

Purchase your membership directly from using a credit or debit card. Be sure to include your student ID number in the proper field when setting up your account.

How do I use LiveText?

The basics of the Field Experience module can be found here: FEM Intern Role

Information about submitting assignments can be found in the Student User Guide: Course Assignments document.

Mentor/Host Teacher Role

UAS is continuously aiming to improve the quality of our programs and assessment procedures. As part of this process, we are using LiveText to collect assessments from instructors, students, and cooperating mentor teachers. Host teachers do not need to buy a LiveText subscription.

Once your host teacher has been identified, the LiveText coordinator will set up the Field Experience Module. If your host teacher does not already have a LiveText account, they will receive an email to their school district email address from: with their username and temporary password. If you cannot find the email or cannot remember your previous login credentials, please go to to the LiveText website.

  1. Select Login
  2. Select Forgot Password
  3. Select Forgot Username
  4. Enter your school email address
  5. Continue

Once you’ve recovered your username, you will need to repeat the “forgot password” process to reset your password. If you are still having trouble, please call LiveText support at 1-800-311-5656. Select Option 1 for Login help.

Here is a simple getting started guide for using the FEM Mentors / Cooperating Teachers module.

For questions or assistance with LiveText, contact Michelle Nakamura at 907-796-6417 or