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Praxis Information and Guide

You must have passing scores from the Praxis® Core to be fully admitted to a teacher preparation program in the State of Alaska. The three tests (Reading, Writing, and Mathematics) may be taken individually or together (Combined Test) and can be re-taken if needed. See below for more information.

Test Information

The tests and test codes are designated as follows:

1. 5713 Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading (Qualifying Test Score-156)

2. 5723 Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing (Qualifying Test Score-162)

3. 5733 Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics (Qualifying Test Score-150)

4. 5752 Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test*

*If you are taking all three Praxis® Core Tests on the same date, please register for the 5752 Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test.

Test Score Availability

Your scores will be available in about 2 - 4 weeks after your test date to your designated score recipients. Your scores will become available to you via your online account at some point before this. The writing score will usually come in a week after the other scores if you took the Combined Test.

Designating Test Score Recipients

When you register for the Praxis® Core, be sure to designate UAS and AK DEED as Score Recipients. In order for your scores to be reported to UAS and the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (DEED), you will need to identify UAS and AK DEED as score recipients on your registration form or during the registration process. To do this you will need to list “U of Alaska-SE” and “AK DEED” under Score Recipients and enter the code for UAS (4897) and DEED (7027). If either UAS or the Alaska Dept. of Education does not receive your scores, you will need to contact ETS and pay a fee (about $50) to have your scores re-issued.

If you register for Praxis tests at Praxis testing centers in Alaska, your scores will automatically go to DEED. However, if you register for Praxis “at home” testing, your scores will not go to DEED automatically. DEED must be manually listed as a score recipient when registering for Praxis tests taken outside of a Praxis testing center or they will not receive your scores.


Please review the testing requirements in Alaska. Currently, the ONLY version of the Praxis is a computer-based test. After preparing for the tests, once you are ready to register, schedule your Praxis test at this website: During this process, you will be able to pull up the Test Center locations to identify the nearest testing center or get more information about “at home” testing.

Remote Testing Options

ETS is now offering many Praxis tests to be taken at home (or another location outside a testing center), as long as equipment and environment requirements can be met at that location. Please visit this website for more information about “at home” testing (including available tests as well as specific equipment and environment requirements):

Test Preparation Materials® and ETS are collaborating to offer free test preparation for all Praxis® Core tests. Build the reading, writing, and mathematics skills necessary to succeed on the Praxis® Core tests with this free test preparation resource.

Free Ebooks and practice tests for all Praxis® Core tests and most Praxis II Content Area Exams are available through Learning Express.

Preparation Materials available through and ETS: 

Official Praxis Prep through Study.com

Preparation Materials available through ETS for Reading, Writing, and Math tests

Preparation Materials available through Learning Express

How to access Learning Express

For UAS Students/active UAS Egan Library accounts: Access Learning Express directly, log in using your UAS account information (use your UAS google credentials for a direct login/account, or register for an account by using your UAS ID# as the 'library card').

For Alaska Residents - SLED access to Learning Express: Learning Express is available to all Alaska residents through the Alaska State Library to all Alaska residents via SLED at (Scroll down the page and Learning Express is one of the boxes/links - with the multiple-choice test image). Set up a Learning Express account using the link from the SLED homepage - it should list your institution as "Alaska Library Network".

Learning Express Praxis Study Books/Practice Tests:

Once in the system, use the 'Career Preparation' menu to scroll down to the 'Prepare for Teaching Exams' link. Additional links will be shown. You can find Praxis Core Practice Exams and Prep Ebooks. The Prep Ebooks are available to download, while the Practice Exams give you multiple options for practice such as simulating a timed practice test, practice test mode, and the option to view answers/explanations at the end. 

Additional Resources

For more information about how to how to prepare for test day, see the Testing Day Overview linked below. For more information about how to designate score recipients, order additional score reports, request accommodations for disabilities or health-related needs, or to view registration information, ID requirements, test center procedures, and regulations, or the fee schedule for the Praxis® Core, please see “The Praxis® Tests Information Bulletin” linked below.

Test Day Overview (for testing at Praxis testing centers):

Strategies and Tips for Taking a Praxis Test

The Praxis® Tests Information Bulletin:

FAQs about educator certification in Alaska: