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Student Teaching Authorizations

In order to be approved for student teaching in the program, you must submit a complete Student Teaching Authorization application packet to the Alaskan Department of Education and Early Development (EED) in the spring. This application packet consists of pages 1-6 of the Student Teaching Authorization (STA) form, a fingerprint card, and a processing fee. Please follow the steps outlined below to prepare this application packet.

  1. Request page 6 of the STA form from the UAS School of Education. Our office needs to fill out page 6 of the STA form for you and the Dean of Education must sign this page. Once we receive your request for page 6 we will fill out the page using the information you supplied in the request form, get the Dean’s signature on this page, and mail it to you using the address you supplied in the request form. While you’re waiting for this page to arrive in the mail you can start preparing the other required items listed below.
  2. Acquire the STA form. You will need to visit the Alaska Dept. of Education's website to obtain the most recently updated version of this form. Follow the instructions below to find it.
    1. Scroll down the list under the “Forms” option on the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development (EED) Website.
    2. Select the “Student Teaching Authorization” form (located near the bottom of the list).
    3. Read pages 1 and 5 and fill out pages 2-4 of the form.
    4. Our office will complete page 6 and send it to you after you request it.
  3. Prepare a required fingerprint card. Look for instructions on page 5 of the STA form or on this EED website.
  4. Put STA application packet together. You will need the following:
    • A $60 processing fee for the background check. You may pay with a credit card (via the EED Online Payment Center), cashier’s check, or a money order (payable to EED). Personal checks will not be accepted and your application will be returned unprocessed. If you pay online with a credit card, be sure to include the EED payment receipt with your application.
    • Required fingerprint card filled out according to instructions.
    • Include all pages of the STA form.
  5. Contact Delores Graver at the UAS School of Education by phone (907-796-6424) or email ( for the mailing instructions.