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International Student Exchange Program

Wilderness and wildlife: UAS is your base camp for an amazing Alaskan adventure.


When selecting courses be sure to sign up for at least 12–15 credits, check time and day conflicts, and review the course description. Because you are here to experience a US university and chose Alaska for your exchange site, it is highly recommended that you consider taking an outdoor course. There are many to choose from including sea kayaking, backpacking, ice climbing, and avalanche travel. These classes tend to be highlights of the exchange experience and add depth to your personal journey.

Course Registration

The class schedule is available online early April for fall semester and mid-October for spring semester. Be sure to utilize the semester's course schedule, not the academic course catalog to plan your course work. Many of our courses are only available during one semester or the other, which is not reflected in the catalog. You should complete your course selection by the first of June for fall semester and early November for spring semester.

Only course sections beginning with a "J" (for Juneau) section should be considered. Those sections beginning with a "K" or "S" refer to campuses outside of the Juneau city limits in Ketchikan and Sitka.

Please note that you are here for the whole experience. Distance / e-Learning courses are not recommended although you may register for one distance / e-Learning course if other on-site courses aren't possible.

Once you have decided what courses you are interested in and have checked and double checked for course conflicts, contact the ISEP coordinator at with your desired courses and she will assist you with the registration process.


Housing is located one quarter mile from campus with a fairly easy walk to our main buildings. ISEP students share an apartment usually with three other students, each student with his or her own bedroom. The housing application is available online. Please be sure complete and sign all forms and include your immunization requirements. Although housing is guaranteed to ISEP students, if your documentation is not submitted in a timely fashion, your housing space may be forfeited.

Student Payments

As an ISEP student, your housing, tuition & fees, and meal plan are provided at no costs. However, there are fees associated with your studies such as a housing deposit, excess course fees, additional credits, and more that you will be responsible for.

ISEP students have the option to make payments to the university online, in person, over the phone, and by mail. The details for these options can be found on the University's Student Accounts page. 

Additionally, ISEP students have the option to make international transfers from their bank using our FlyWire account.

For questions about payments, please contact our Student Accounts Office: