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Automated Updates

Periodic updates of your campus computer will be distributed by IT Services.

Routine Updates through the Windows update server (details on the Microsoft website)

  • Microsoft updates the Windows operating system weekly.
  • IT Engineers review the updates and determine which will be applied to campus systems
  • The updates are distributed by a UAS update server to campus systems in the background and are typically applied on a restart
  • We recommend restarting every computer weekly.


Occasionally the core software on a university computer will need to be updated, either at your request or due to faults detected by ITS. During this process, its data will be safely backed up to a separate hard drive and a new configuration will overwrite the computer's hard drive, and its data restored from the backup hard drive.

Please make an appointment to have your computer rebuilt. The Computer Rebuild Form describes the steps necessary for both you and the technical staff to complete the process successfully.

Please contact the Helpdesk immediately if you have concerns about the update process.