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UA Google Access

UA Google is a universally accessible system, as it is not located on University grounds.

UA Individual Accounts


The primary way to access UA Google is through the webmail interface. It is available anywhere you have an internet connection.

Outlook (PC)

To access your UA Google mail within Outlook, you will need to initially run the Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Office (formerly GASMO or GSSMO) tool, available through Google. This tool facilitates a mailbox sync with Google, running in the background with Outlook. This ensures that your inbox and calendar remain up to date.

  1. Ensure Outlook is closed
  2. Go to the Start menu > Google Workspace Sync > Set up a Google Workspace Sync user
  3. Enter your email address and click Continue
    • A login prompt will appear in your default browser
  4. Select or Log In with your UA credentials
  5. Click the Allow button at the bottom
    • Google Workspace Sync will open a new window. If you don't see it, click on it from the Taskbar
  6. Leave all sections unchecked, click the Create Profile button
  7. Click Start Microsoft Outlook
    • Outlook will now open the newly-created profile, and begin syncing your email

See the Management tab for tips to improve Outlook's effectiveness.

Mac Mail

Mac Mail (Stamp Mail) is the University-preferred client. Google does not currently support Outlook for Mac.

  1. Open up Mac Mail.
  2. On the toolbar, click on Mail and then Preferences
  3. Go to the Accounts tab across the top of the window.
  4. Click the + button on the bottom left of the window
  5. Select the Google Mail provider and click Continue
  6. Enter your address
  7. Sign in with your UA credentials.

Other email clients

Manual account setup for alternative email clients
Account Name:Full UA Email address (
Incoming Mail (IMAP)
Use SSL: Yes
Port: 993
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) (use authentication)
Use Authentication: Yes
Use STARTTLS: Yes (some clients call this SSL)
Port: 465 or 587

Statewide has provided instructions for setting up other mail clients to access Google on their website. UAS can only provide limited troubleshooting for these clients.

Delegated (Shared) Accounts


Once you've logged in to Google Webmail, you can access any delegated accounts you have access to by clicking your profile button in the upper right (by default, an image of your first initial). This will populate a list of all of the delegated accounts you have access to. If you do not see one on the list, please contact the email account manager and confirm both that you have access, and that the account has been migrated. If it still does not appear, please clear your browser cache before contacting the Helpdesk.

Webmail Access video instructions

Outlook (PC)

After configuring Google Workspace Sync in Outlook, you can add additional delegated accounts through Google Workspace Sync.

  1. Ensure Outlook is closed
  2. Go to the Start menu > Google Workspace Sync > Add account for delegation
  3. Select the Outlook Google profile
  4. Enter the account to which you have delegated access (typically
  5. Click OK

The delegate account will now be added to your Outlook Profile.

Outlook Access video instructions