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Computer Management

All UAS managed computers share a common configuration and software build.  This common build is intended to ensure that:

  • UAS computers run licensed software;
  • Only authorized individuals may access UAS computers;
  • Effective “patch management” is in place to keep software and operating systems up to date;
  • Files are automatically backed up and encrypted to protect sensitive data;
  • Configurations are consistent and capable of being managed remotely and through automation strategies.

UAS has established hardware recommendations for departments to replace existing hardware. The goals are to ensure that:

  • All regular employees have computing equipment with a common level of currency;
  • Employee computers are capable of running a common set of applications in order to support their individual work and collaboration with UAS peers;
  • Employee workstations are able to support UA-wide software standards.

These strategies are intended to provide a uniform level of service across UAS.  In developing these standards, UAS works closely with the rest of the UA system to ensure that there is commonality across UA.

When departments need to work outside the established strategies, they they need to address the following considerations for departmentally managed equipment.

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