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Non-Recreation Rental of Courts

Fee for non-recreation court rental at the Recreation Center

At the University of Alaska Southeast, recreation - indoors and outdoors - is an important part of our commitment to student success. The City and Borough of Juneau Parks & Recreation shares that commitment and is partnering with UAS to extend free and reduced recreation opportunities to UAS students.

Effective immediately the REC will institute a $500 flat fee for approved non-recreation Court rental requests. Below is the justification.

The mission of Campus Recreation at the University of Alaska Southeast is, in part, to provide a safe and accessible recreation facility that enhances the health, wellness and quality of life of the greater University community. Specifically:

  • Students pay a fee to access recreation equipment and experiences,
  • Faculty, staff, graduates, and alumni pay membership fees as well,
  • Student Activities and Clubs pay to use spaces for engagement opportunities that support student retention,
  • Academic programs pay the REC to host academic classes: physical education and outdoor studies,
  • The REC is a joint use facility in partnership with the Alaska Army National Guard.

The REC regularly receives requests to host events - meetings, celebrations, and conferences. To the extent that we can accommodate these requests we do. We use the following criteria for rental requests:

  1. Is the request aligned with the REC and UAS missions?
  2. What kind of impact does the request have on membership?
  3. Is the request aligned with REC staffing capacity?

Below are some examples of requests and how we apply the criteria:

  • Capital City Fire & Rescue (CCFR) requests classroom 116 and use of the kitchen for a staff retreat. CCFR is a partner, there are no classes scheduled in the classroom, and the request falls within business hours. Approved.
  • Goldbelt requests the classrooms, Student Activities Center, and Court for basketball during their week-long summer camp M-F, noon - 5pm. Because the request for the Court is a recreation request and the space is being used as intended, and the timeframe allows membership access before noon and after 5 pm, this request would be approved. All spaces would be charged at the hourly rate and have minimal impact to UAS programs, activities, and membership use.
  • An employee requests the Student Activities Center for their seven year old’s birthday party on a Friday night during the summer, 7-10 pm. This event does not align with our mission, will last beyond our published hours, and there will be a negative impact to the custodial staff: Denied.
  • Sealaska Heritage requests the REC Court for a full day shareholder meeting, estimated attendance 300-400 people. This kind of request is much more complicated. SHI is a partner, however, in order to accommodate the event, we will have to take the Court offline to membership and coordinate with Facilities to lay protective covering down on the gym floor and the space for the event (tables, chairs, staging, etc). In order to accommodate an event like this, the Courts will go offline for 2-3 days, which is not an insignificant impact to membership. If there are classes scheduled in the Court space during this time, we would generally deny the request. However, depending on the time of year this request comes in, we may have flexibility.

In recent years, the REC has received more and more requests like the last example, in part because facility rental costs in Juneau have increased exponentially. The REC’s pricing model was originally designed for an hourly rate - $40/hour for the exact hours of rental - however, this does not accurately reflect the impact to membership that rental of the Court has for non-recreation requests.

In order to offset that impact, effective immediately the REC will institute a $500 flat fee for approved non-recreation Court rental requests. This will be assessed in addition to the hourly rate of $40 for the hours for the actual event, and any additional charges assessed by UAS Facilities for setting and resetting the Court space for the event. This flat fee will be used to improve membership services - update and expand equipment, enhance programming, etc. There will be no reduced pricing for partners, as this rate is significantly lower than any daily rental rate for other facilities in town.

The REC will continue to assess each request against the criteria stated above before approving any request for non-recreation use of the Court.

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