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Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership program at UAS prepares candidates to become school administrators in Alaska. Structured around a cohort model, students move through the program together, creating the opportunity to make lasting connections in the education field. The M.Ed in Educational Leadership prepares candidates for the challenges and opportunities inherent in assuming roles as educational leaders in public schools.

Important Deadlines


Although some of these classes are solely taught through e-learning, due to mandatory supervision requirements this program is currently only available to candidates who live in Alaska and will complete their internships in an Alaskan School District. Candidates living outside Alaska are welcome to apply to this program, but should understand that this program is specifically designed to train teachers for the unique teaching conditions of various Alaskan communities and that applicants will need to reside in Alaska to complete the program.

Yes, we are planning to hold our summer classes on the UAS campus in Juneau this year. The cohort ending the program will meet in the last 3.5 weeks of June and the new cohort starting the program will meet in the last 3.5 weeks of July. We are closely monitoring the situation and our plans may need to change if we feel we cannot provide a safe learning environment this summer; however, at this point we have confidence that we can offer a safe, in-person learning experience, which is a core component of our M.Ed. Educational Leadership program. Please see the attached flyer for additional information.

July (12 credits):

  • ED s637 Introduction to Educational Leadership
  • ED s627 Educational Research

Fall Semester (6 credits):

  • ED s638 Curriculum and Instructional Leadership I
  • ED s691 Internship I

Spring Semester (6 credits):

  • ED s639 Curriculum and Instructional Leadership II
  • ED s691 Internship II

June (9 credits):

  • ED s690 Educational Leadership II
  • ED s698 Master's Research Project or Portfolio

Application Process

Application Process

Need Assistance?

Do not hesitate to contact the Student Services Assistant with any questions about application materials of the application process.

Required Admissions Materials

The following items are necessary for a complete application file:

  • Complete Graduate Application and pay fee
  • Send Official Academic Transcripts indicating a GPA of at least 3.0 to UAS. Please note: transcripts from UAA, UAF, or UAS are not required to be submitted
  • Document at least three years of public school teaching experience using the Employment Verification formAdditional service beyond this minimum can be submitted if desired, but is not necessary. Alternate forms may be allowed if the form documents the same information as requested on the linked Employment Verification form
  • Document the name and position of your identified mentor for the internship on the Internship Mentor Identification Form. Please see the UAS Intern Mentor Handbook for more information about the internship and the associated responsibilities of mentor and intern
  • Submit a Writing Sample per these instructions
  • Submit a Letter of Recommendation from your current principal that identifies the qualities you possess that make you well-suited to be an educational leader. In addition, the letter needs to state that your principal is willing to be your mentor for the internship. If  there are any concerns about your current principal being your mentor for the internship, the Program Coordinator can address these on a case-by-case basis
  • Submit your information on the Superintendent Approval for Administrative Internship DocuSign form when it comes to you. This requirement will be complete when the Admissions Office receives the DocuSign form from the School of Education
    • Your superintendent must give their approval for you to participate in an administrative internship in their school district. The contact information you submit for your superintendent in the application will be used in a DocuSign form. The form will go to you first to fill in some information about yourself, then the form with your information will go to your superintendent for review and approval. When complete, the form will go to the School of Education and then be sent to Admissions Office

Send all of these items to:

UAS Admissions
11066 Auke Lake Way
Juneau, AK 99801-8671

Program Contacts

Mary Wegner, Ed.D. (she/her)

Mary Wegner, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor

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Elisabeth Genaux

Elisabeth Genaux

Student Services Assistant

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Delores Graver

Delores Graver

Program Assistant

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