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Agenda Faculty Senate October 2
3:00 – 5:00 pm
Egan Library 211

Call in 1-800-893-8850   PIN 3325714


3:00     Call to Order and Roll Call
President:  Jonathan Anderson
President-elect: Sherry Tamone
Juneau at Large:  Chip McMillan
Ketchikan at Large:  Rod Landis
Sitka at Large: Leslie Gordon
Business/Public Admin: Rick Wolk
Education:  Mary-Claire Tarlow
Humanities: Emily Wall
Library:  Caroline Hassler
Natural Sciences:  Matt Heavner
        Social Sciences: Clive Thomas  
Career Education: Tony Martin
CIOS: Rick McDonald
            Ex Officio – Provost Stell
Changes to Agenda
Approval of Minutes
3:10 Report from the Provost
            BOR past visit
            Accreditation Visitors
            New Accreditation Standards
            Arts and Sciences Dean progress
            Academic Structure
3:40 Report on Provost Search - Jill
3:45   Graduate Committee – Kathy DiLorenzo
            Includes report on revising student ratings for graduates
3:55    Faculty Development Seminar – Kathy DiLorenzo
4:00    Old Business
            Research Guidelines Revisions update – Matt Heavner
Constitution language on evaluation – Tim and Nina
Double Majors – Senators
Academic Plan – Jonathan
4:15     SOTL Revisions – All Senators
4:45     President’s Report
            President’s Search
10/27 Operating Review—President- Glacier View 9-3
Mid Month meeting October 16
Undergraduate Competencies
New Student Orientation - Julie Staveland
HIM Proposal Marianne Stillner