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Working Remotely

Need a printable guide?

We have compiled this page along with a guide for all the available resources in our Working Remotely Guide for easy printing.

If you have been asked to work from home or travel for work, review the guide below. Keep in mind that everyone's job position is unique. Every service and available feature will not fit each university role.

As you review the guide below, think of what tools you will need to complete daily job functions when you are off campus. What will working remotely look like for you? Is this a one-time thing, or will you be working remotely long-term?

6 Simple Steps to Prepare for Remote Work

  1. Talk to your colleagues to discuss the opportunities and barriers to working remotely
  2. Practice signing into and navigating the telephone Self Care Portal
  3. Set up and test your Conference Now audio conferencing number
  4. Claim your own UA Zoom account and practice setting up meetings
  5. Review UA's official remote work forms on the HR website
  6. Contact the Helpdesk for additional guidance

Contact the UAS IT Helpdesk for assistance setting up any of the below features or to gain a better understanding of the brief descriptions provided. We are available at, 907-796-6400, and 877-465-6400. More information about many of the tools discussed is available on our website.

Available Resources

ResourceImmediate-Short TermMedium-Long TermFull-time, Long Term
TelephoneForward phone remotely using Self Care Portal.Contact the Helpdesk for additional resources.
VoicemailCheck your voicemail remotely using Cisco Web Inbox or listen to the .wav file in your email notification.
ConferencingUse your phone, Conference Now, Google Chat, or Zoom.Contact the Helpdesk for additional resources.
Computer File AccessTake the computer home and use local cached content.Connect to our Virtual Private Network to access networked drives and key access software (non-virtual machines only).Consider moving to a virtual machine and contact the Helpdesk for more information.
Web ResourcesMany resources are available through the web. Access Google Suite, PageUp, UA Online, and other web resources from any browser. Note that some resources, such as Banner 8 require a connection to the UA Network (VPN when off-campus). Note: Banner 9 does not require a VPN connection when accessed from
HR ResourcesReview UA's official remote work guidelines on the HR website and view additional HR resources.

Working Remotely PDF  Statewide Resources