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FRIDAY November 7, 2008

Egan Library 211

Call in # 1-800-893-8850   PIN 3325714

All meeting documents will be projected online through Eluminate web session linked to the Faculty Senate Portfolio page at

Note that audio will be unavailable through Eluminate -please use dial up audio above.


  1. Call to Order and Roll Call (3:00pm)
  2. Adopt agenda
  3. Approve October 3, 2008 minutes  (Attachment 3.1)
  4. Update from Interim Provost - James Everett
  5. Input from Assembly members
  6. Report from President - Jill Dumesnil
    6.1 Board of Regents - met 10/31 and approved UA FY10 Budget  (Attachment 6.1)
    6.2 Faculty Alliance - met 10/29  (Attachment 6.2)
    6.3 Faculty Assembly Meeting(s)
       6.3a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - matrix, intent, content of matrix/memo  (Attachment 6.3a)
  7. Old Business
    7.1 GER Discussion/Proposal - Rick Wolk
    7.2 UAFT Faculty Evaluation Process - Priscilla Shulte/Jill Dumesnil
    7.3 Sustainability Studies Degree Discussion - Chip McMillan
    7.4 Academic Master Planning at Statewide
    7.5 Other Old Business
  8. New Business
    8.1 Graduate Curriculum Proposals - Kathy DiLorenzo/Rick Wolk (info for later action)
    8.1a Graduate Certificate in Business  (Attachment 8.1a)
    8.1b Graduate Certificate in Public Administration  (Attachment 8.1b)
    8.2 Other New Business
  9. Next Faculty Senate Meeting:  December 5, 2008
  10. Adjourn (no later than 5:00pm)

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