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UAS Maritime Training Center at Ketchikan

Welcome to the Maritime Training Center! Start your path to better employment today! Call us today! 907-228-4568

Find Your Path To A Good Career

QMED/MMSW program

QMED Program

The Maritime & Multiskilled Worker Program will get you employable skills in twelve weeks. Also known as the QMED Program, this is a U.S. Coast Guard approved program. Financial assistance is often available.

Welding and fabrication

Welding and Fabrication

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Instruction offered every semester. Financial assistance is often available. You can even arrange for drop-in shop time to use shop welding equipment.

Bridge simulator

Simulator Lab

The UAS Ketchikan Maritime Training Center boast the NT Professional Full Mission Navigation Bridge Simulator that provides Coast Guard approved training for pilots. From fishing boats to cruise ships, we provide industry-relied training.

Ports, Harbors & Marinas Units

Ports, Harbors & Marina Units

We offer a full menu of continuing education units for workers in the ports, harbors and marinas industry to take for their continuing education requirements. These are asynchronous and self-led so you can do them at your pace.

Programs & career paths

Maritime Programs and Career Paths

Find out about all of the different career paths available to you through the various program tracks offered at UAS Ketchikan's Maritime Training Center. From Able Seaman to getting a 200 Ton License. 

Financial aid, scholarships, jobs & experience credit

Financial Aid, Scholarships, Jobs & Experience Credit

There are plenty of opportunities to get financial help to attend our programs, and you can even get credit for some types of past work experience! Also, see employment resources.