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Welcome to UAS! Congratulations on being admitted. Student accounts are available immediately upon registration for UAS courses. Students that register via a paper form may have up to a week long delay, but students registering online will have immediate access to UAS student resources. Student accounts remain active up to 8 weeks following the conclusion of the final course(s).

Former students that would like to extend their email access may join the Alumni and Friends Association. Recent UAS Graduates that would like to join the Alumni and Friends Association receive a discount to the year long subscription.

Getting Started

Here are a few steps to get you started.

  1. Access your UA Account in ELMO
    Create an account login for all of your academic resources through ELMO
  2. Get ready for the coming semester
    Register for classes, update your contact information, and set your pronouns if desired in UA Online (first time students may need to meet with an academic advisor to register for classes)
  3. Check your Course Syllabus
    Make sure you have all of the tools, technology, and other requirements you'll need to complete your coursework
  4. Check our computer recommendations
    If you're looking to get a new machine, these are our official recommendations

Student Resources available after registration

Apply for a Student Employee position in IT Services

IT Services Jobs


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