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Styles are 'classes' that can be attached to change how something will display.

Here are examples of the current 'Styles' available in the WYSIWYG editor in the CMS:

Except for the 'Links' styles, these only work if you are in the new templates.


A 'pdf' link puts a symbol for pdf behind the link. Use this if the link goes to a pdf.

An 'external' link puts a small arrow symbol behind the link to signify that you are about to open another window. Use this if the link opens another window.

A 'btn' link makes the link look like a button. Use sparingly.


Style class 'img-rounded' rounds the image.


Style class 'disappear' makes the object disappear when viewed on a smart phone sized screen.



Style class 'text-error' makes the text a redish color to highlight a warning.


All tables should use the table class and can add other classes to create borders and stripes. Mix and match. You may have to adjust it in the HTML view to get it right.

Style class: 'table' cell
cell cell

Style class: 'table table-bordered' cell
cell cell

Style class: 'table table-striped' cell
cell cell

Style class: 'table table-striped table-bordered' cell
cell cell


A normal list

  • line one
  • line two
  • line three

A list with style class 'unstyled' takes away the indentation and the bullets

  • line one
  • line two
  • line three

Put something in a box

Something in a 'thumbnail' has a rounded border around it with a little padding.


Style class 'pull-right' floats floats to the right.

Style class 'pull-left' floats to the left.