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Individual department guides and documentation on the newer theme are now located up on a Google Site. Please see the UAS Website Maintenance Guides for more information.

The content management system (CMS) application named Cascade Server, empowers UAS departments to update their web pages with a user-friendly interface that is available through any current Web browser (Firefox is recommended). These pages and tutorials will help you get started and familiar with the features of this new system.

Hey I am new. What do I do first?

Review the web pages for User Interface, Basics, and the Tasks.

How does it work?

Cascade Server creates a collaborative environment for your web development team. It operates on its own secure server separate from the live website. This means that you can work on pages in your site and then publish them out to the "Live" Server when they are ready. It also saves every 'version' of your content so you can edit and later revert to the older file.

There are many more features to this CMS which has made it the top choice for hundreds of major Universities. For more information on the background of this application visit Hannon Hill.