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Creating Page Content

Text can be typed into the page in the CMS or pasted in.

If you paste it from another application it is better to paste in UNFORMATTED text, so convert it to plain text before you paste it into the page editor. If you use Microsoft Word to type your content, you will be creating headache for yourself before you even begin, especially if you try to style it in Word first. That code does not work well.

Once the text is in the CMS page editor you can create headings, lists, links, and add photos

Content structure

Break the statements into digestible pieces. Remember, although we are a University we are not usually writing for college graduates  (except in Graduate level courses).

Don't assume that anyone understands your department abreviations.

Present the concept of the page clearly with:

  • Short paragraphs
  • Use headers to organize the concepts (header1 , header2)
  • Use lists (unorder list or ordered list)
  • Use photos when they advance the explanation of the concept. See photo preparation »


Treat headings is as follows.

  • Heading1 is used to sumarize the content of your page (an there can therefore only be one)
  • Heading2 is used to split your page in sections
  • Heading3 is used to spilt each section into subsection
  • etc
So, for example, I could choose to split a place about all the towns and cities in the World like this:
  • Heading1 = The World
  • Heading2 = North American,Europe, Asia etc
  • Heading3 = USA, Canada etc
  • Heading4 = California, Florida, Nebraska etc
  • Heading5 = LA, San Antonio etc